Hydrolysed Collagen produced from Enzymatic Process which involve breaking down the molecular bonds between individual collagen strand; from 100,000 into small peptides which having an average molecular weight between 1000 to 6000. With this small molecules, QUICK and HIGHER absorption rate of collagen by our body.

The collagen in the clinical research papers is hydrolyzed, which means enzymes were used to break down the original protein into smaller pieces of protein, which are called peptides. In the general hierarchy of proteins, the smallest protein individual unit is an amino acid, and when you link together a bunch of amino acids into a short chain they are called peptides, and when you link peptides together into a long chain they are called a protein.

Collagen can be taken from Chicken Wings, Stew Ribs, Shark Fin and Marine food (fish).

However, these diets also contain high calories and fat. The absorption of collagen from food by human body normally is low due to macromolecules of collagen, thus need to take more. The Collagen Plus provided hydrolyzed collagen normally 10 times absorption than collagen from food. Collagen Plus also supplying to your body a ready-to-use form of a highly-desirable protein.

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